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Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

Executive Coaching

For over two decades we have provided a comprehensive, confidential and professional coaching service, combining a wide range of effective tools from psychology, NLP, brief solution psychotherapy and coaching, to help top executives develop even stronger leadership qualities and response to the demands of the role.

Our rates for this are £250 plus vat per hour

P4 Training

Working in this field has led to the creation of a unique 2 day training the P4 (Phil Parker Peak Performance Training), which is so advanced it is unlike any other training or coaching programme. It is based on the extraordinary success of the globally famous Lightning Process, and delivers a powerful set of tools to effectively deal with the variety of challenges facing business in the 21st century.

These include:

  • Restoring resilience and the enjoyment of challenges
  • Accessing innovation and creative thinking at will
  • Managing your work/life balance
  • Personalised coaching for rapid change with specific performance outcomes

If taken as a one to one training the rates are £1,997 plus vat. This includes the two day training (approx 7 hrs total) and two hours post course coaching

If you would like to speak to our team about coaching or the P4 training please contact us on 020 73 74 02 33 or email us