December 14, 2017

Team Training

In addition to our long standing coaching consultancy service, we provide a unique team training program, based on the globally famous Lightning Process. It provides rapid and effective tools to allow your team to develop their resilience and self management using new techniques derived from the latest research in neuroscience.

It has been implemented in other organisations to assist in

  • Transforming teams and organisations
  • Adopting rapid change and developing learning cultures
  • Creating thriving leadership teams and encouraging the adoption of sustainable behaviours
  • Growing with agility and managing the flexibility that is part of the increasingly mobile and millennial work environment
  • Up skilling team members to be able to generate effective self created solutions to unexpected issues

Group size

Small group trainings, 6-8 is ideal, ensure everyone learns the skills they need at a pace that suits them.


£864 (£720 +VAT) per delegate

This includes the two day training (approx 7 hrs total) and one hours post course coaching

If you would like to speak to our team about coaching or the P4 training please contact us on 020 73 74 02 33 or email us