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A unique training from a world leader in change

Designed by experts

This cutting edge peak performance was designed by Dr. Phil Parker, psychologist, best selling author and the brains behind the Lightning Process.

Proven in the field

Rolls out effective tools that make a measurable practical difference to productivity, creativity and resilience.

Agile & Practical

Our clients come to us looking for NEW solutions for the business challenges of 21st century. We provide UNIQUE tools for practical & rapid change

Discover what's possible

Providing NEW solutions for 21st century challenges

Designed by Dr Phil Parker.

Expert in the psychology of health, happiness and genius

Worked extensively coaching and training peak performers in diverse worlds of corporate, sports, music and films.

University lecturer specialising in how neuroscience helps us understand how we can achieve change easily.

Best selling author on coaching translated into a number of languages.





Georgina Watson

Georgina has worked in one of the worlds biggest oil and gas companies for the last 7 years. She specialises in managing change on a number of levels: from global re-organisations, to mind-set change of teams, and individual executive coaching. She has worked in London and South-East Asia.

Jude Hogarth

20 years as an employment solicitor, London
10 years as a workplace mediator, UK
Specialism: essential skills of management and leadership
Expert in corporate conflict resolution, personal resilience and well being


Phil was the performance coach for the successful Guinness World Record breaking expedition to walk the length of the Amazon. Awarded European adventurer of the year, he credits Phil in his book ‘Walking the Amazon’, for being a vital factor in being able to complete the expedition

Ed Stafford

Explorer and Discovery TV Film Maker


I’ve found Phil Parker’s approach to peak performance and business success to be insightful, practical and powerful in changing one’s business.

Mark O’Connor

Former CEO Documedia PLC & Strategic Change Consultant



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