What if Resilience were your new normal?


What makes our training unique.

unique tools

We provide effective and rapid solutions for Burnout and Pre-Burnout, AND we can enhance your performance in today’s high pressure environments.

Learn how to switch off stress and switch back on resilience under pressure, leadership, confidence and charisma.

Designed by expert in the psychology of health happiness and genius, Phil Parker, P4 combines the latest innovations in NLP, coaching and neuroscience, the P4 tools will get you back to your old self so you can approach any barriers in a new and productive way.


End Burnout

Exceptional self management

Boost motivation, confidence & energy

Greater productivity, health and wellbeing

Improved focus, creativity and consistency

Enhanced leadership and relationships


The 2 consecutive half day seminars are run in a small group format.

Training is either held away from your office at our London training suite or in-house.

The difference that makes a difference …


a template for awesome change
Get the best from your team & make a place they love to work

Skilling up your team takes a little time, 4 hour training sessions over 2 consecutive days in fact and with follow up coaching included the investment is well worth it.

Group size
Small group trainings, 6-8 is ideal, ensure everyone learns the skills they need at a pace that suits them.

£864 (£720 +VAT) per delegate

  • Fascinating content

    Cutting edge applications of neuroscience

  • Focused in-course coaching

    Skilled coaching to gain real insights as to how to transport the tools into the workplace

  • Follow-on coaching

    Expert support in applying the concepts and tools to live situations as they unfold


A small team of trainers hand-picked by Phil Parker to deliver this specialist training each with their own unique skills.
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Phil Parker

CEO, programme designer
The author of 4 books on the psychology of health, happiness and genius, Phil is also one of the world’s few Master trainers in NLP, the designer of the Lightning Process seminars, an osteopath and a PhD researcher in health psychology
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Jacqui Aston

London, HK
ABF Retail management and HR staff training UK wide
Director EDLG Hong Kong (education) and Director JAA Tokyo (curriculum & staffing)
8 years experience UK and Asia wide in business training & marketing
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Inger Marie Moen Reiten

Inger Marie er Advanced Practitioner i Lightning Process, har en Diplom i hypnoterapi, NLP og life coaching fra Phil Parker Training Institute i London. I tillegg er hun sertifisert coach og NLP master practitioner fra Norge.
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Janne Mesel

Janne har spesialisert seg innen coaching gjennom relasjons- og organisasjonscoaching fra London og individuell coaching fra Coaches Training Institute i San Francisco. Hun er godkjent internasjonal profesjonell coach gjennom ICF.
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Kjersti Kvalvik

Kjersti har 20 års ledererfaring i privat næringsliv, bl.a. merkevarene Rema 1000 og Sparebank1.
Hun kjenner kravene til prestasjoner i næringslivet, utdanningsinstituasjoner og idretten.
Business-and-life-coach som fyller opp din personlige verktøykasse, så du presterer på ditt beste
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Ann Schifte

CEO since 1993.
Consultant at Spesialhelsetjenesten CoperioSenteret.
Experienced executive coach
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Judith Hogarth

20 years as an employment solicitor, London; 10 years as a workplace mediator, UK Specialism: essential skills of management and leadership Expert in corporate conflict resolution, personal resilience and well being
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Georgina Watson

Georgina has worked in one of the worlds biggest oil and gas companies for the last 7 years.
She specialises in managing change on a number of levels: from global re-organisations, to mind-set change of teams, and individual executive coaching.


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